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FKM Viton Black O-Ring Cord / FPM Brown Oring cords

Material FKM
Color Brown
Brand POS
Delivery time 7-35 days depends on the detailed qty.
Payment Way T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Shipping Way By Air or Sea or train

O-Ring Cord

O-Ring Cord (also known as o-ring strip or o-ring rope) is a rubber cord seal with a circular cross-section. It can be directly used on a sealing groove to prevent fluid or gas from leaking or cut the required length and use specific glue to DIY join two ends to form the needed standard o-ring. The rubber cord is usually stretch-formed, so its manufacturing time is short. It can be cut to 1-meter length or rolled into 100-meter or longer for easy packing and transportation.

O'ring Cord Materials

The cord is available in a variety of rubber and plastic materials such as NBR, HNBR, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Teflon, etc. We can manufacture a lot of different materials of o-ring cord and have a big o-ring cord stock. The regular hardness or durometer is Shore A 70, but we can also make it at Shore A 50 / 60 / 75 / 90, etc.

  • NBR/ Nitrile O-Ring Cord – most cost-effective, used for most industries and applications.

  • Viton O-Ring Cord – higher temperature, strong chemical resistance, good performance, and higher cost.

  • Silicone O-Ring Cord – tasteless and non-toxic, used in medical and food industries, especially FDA silicone.

  • EPDM O-Ring Cord – good resistance to aging, weather, and chemical corrosion, especially used in the automobile industry.

  • Neoprene O-Ring Cord – good elastic, anti-violent twisting, resistance to abrasion and fire, with good chemical stability.

  • PTFE O Ring Cord – belongs to plastic material, with high hardness, and good chemical stability, commonly used as a backup ring.

O-Ring Cord Cut Length Calculator

You can calculate the proper cut length of the rubber cord stock extrusion with the following calculator. Please confirm the right values of the inside diameter (ID) and the profile cross-section (CS) first and then do some simple calculations.

O-Ring Cord Cut Length Calculator

(ID + CS) X 3.14156 = Cord Cut Length

For Example:

Using a 5mm (CS) diameter cord, the user wants to make a standard o-ring that has a 100-mm inside diameter.

The calculation to cut the length of the cord to make the needed o-ring is as follows:

100 (ID)+5 (CS)= 105

105×3.1415926= 329.87 mm

The cord shall be cut to a length of 329.87 mm to make the needed o-ring.

Basically, we can manufacture all of these sizes of cord at high quality, low price, and very fast delivery. The packing of the rubber cord could be very simple or tied to a roller. Please order according to your actual needs.

Please contact sales@polysealing.com when you are in need of any rubber parts, we always welcome your contact.

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