X-Rings & O-Rings Difference

Issuing time:2018-03-13 11:28

X-Rings & O-Rings Difference

In addition to the cross-section shape, the differences between X-Rings and O-Rings are much more in terms of performance and price. Through the above performance comparison, we can know that the place where O-Rings can be used can be replaced by Quad-Rings, and the sealing effect is very good, but the place where Quad-Rings can be used, the O-Rings may not be able to use, it needs to be considered according to the specific technical requirements.

Advantages of X-Rings VS O-Rings

X-Rings have four sealing contact surfaces, in the case of using the same rectangular groove used by o-rings, which are not easy to produce spiral twists whether in static sealing or dynamic sealing state, especially in the use of dynamic sealing, so its reliability is far superior to o-rings.

Because Quad Rings have 4 evenly distributed concave areas, under the action of large working pressure, the displacement from one side to the other side is small, which can effectively eliminate the extrusion phenomenon and avoid gap bites.

The concave area of X-Rings stores a certain amount of lubricating oil during use has a high self-lubricating ability and has a much higher resistance to distortion damage than o-rings.

The compression amount of Quad Rings is small and in the dynamic sealing state, the starting frictional resistance is small. Under the working pressure of 0.7MPa, the frictional resistance is only 1/2 of o-rings.

Quad Rings are more reliable than О-Rings but are much more expensive to manufacture than O-Rings. At present, X-Rings are only used in some special industries, mainly because mold processing is difficult and the price is high.

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