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Our Poly Sealing is a manufacturer specializing in rubber seals & parts in Xiamen China. Based on 20 years of technology experience, we have developed a one-stop solution from mold designing and rapid prototyping to mass production. Our manufacturing capabilities include O-Rings, X-Rings, O-ring cords, Rubber Gaskets, Oil Seals, Custom Rubber Parts, etc.
Our products have been applied to many industries including automotive, machinery, instruments, hydraulics, pneumatic, semiconductor, medical, electronics, drinking water, food & drug equipment, sanitary, and so on. We are always 100% responsible to our customers, so we never use cheap quality materials. Materials are completely new and don’t include any scrap. Trust on us, both of us will win much more market.

Our factory is of  advanced technology and equipment, including mold tooling &  plating, compound mixing, compression  mold forming, packaging machines,  production  equipment, inspection devices, scientific management, especially learning  from Hong Kong & Taiwan  experience & concepts. The factory produces qualified products in complete specification in standard such as ISO3601. The timely delivery rely on more than 5,000 mold tooling and sufficient stock with seals products to all over the world. It ensures positive growth for mutual  benefits with better quality, excellent service & continue innovation and improvement as teamwork and strong partnership.


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O-Ring is a kind of rubber sealing ring with a circular cross-section to seal various fluids such as air, water, and oil. Because its cross-section is o-shaped, it is called o shape rubber seal.
An oil seal has three sizes, ID (inside diameter), OD (outside diameter), W (width). Contact us for your required oil seals.
Oil Seal TypesThere are many types of oil seals, like TC, TB, TA, SC, SB, SA, KC, KB, KA, VC, VB, VA, etc. We mainly manufacture the commonly used TC skeleton oil seals.
We have wildly choosing on oil seals material: NBR/Buna-N/nitrile, FKM/Viton, silicone, polyurethane, PTFE/Teflon, ACM, etc. Welcome to contact us for your needing.
O-Ring Size Measurement SpecificationsTo measure an o-ring, you can just measure its inside diameter (ID) and cross section (CS) (also call width or thickness). The outside diameter (OD) can be kno...
X-Ring, also known as quad ring seal, is a four-lip seal with a shape similar to X, so it is called X-Ring.
In addition to the cross-section shape, the differences between X-Rings and O-Rings are much more in terms of performance and price.
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